FilmTec Membrane 75 GPD

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FilmTec Membrane 75 GPD
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Sku: TW301812-75
Manufacturer: Film Tec
Mfg. ID: TW301812-75
Condition: New
The FilmTec 75 gpd membrane BW60-1812-75 fits most all RO systems. It is a TFC thin film composite membrane with a 99% rejection rate.
Filmtec 75 GPD Membrane - BW60 1812-75. This membrane is intended to be used with a 800 fast flush flow restrictor. The old TW30-1812-75 has now been replaced with this better membrane BW60-1812-75. The old TW30 membrane had a 98% rejection rate while the new BW60 membrane has a 99% rejection rate.
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