EXTREME TYPHOON III 150 GPD RODI with Gauge & TDS Alarm & Dual TDS Meter

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EXTREME TYPHOON III  150 GPD RODI with Gauge & TDS Alarm & Dual TDS Meter EXTREME TYPHOON III  150 GPD RODI with Gauge & TDS Alarm & Dual TDS Meter EXTREME TYPHOON III  150 GPD RODI with Gauge & TDS Alarm & Dual TDS Meter

Chloramines guzzling (5) stage

150 GPD R.O.D.I. Pure Water System

The Typhoon III Extreme 150

With TDS ALARM, DUAL PROBE IN-LINE EC and Hand Held digital TDS meters.
Fully automatic shut off ASOV and float valve included.

Where do I start describing this incredible value?

With the membrane a real silica and TDS assassin, that produces up to 150 gallons per day. The De-ionization filter then reduces the TDS to ZERO!

Or the 2.25 inch panel mounted psi gauge, or do I start with all of the TDS monitoring and reading devices included?

This is the famous Typhoon III on steroids, bigger better, and with even more features.


With this awesome assembly of TDS devices you should never have any questions as to the quality of the water you are making or as to the feed water quality.

Standard features :

  • TW-1812 -150 Membrane produces up to 6.25 gallons per hour or 150 gallons per day.* (Stage 4)
  • Full size Color Changing mixed bed D.I. using Resin Tech DI resin.
    This is a refillable D.I. cartridge saving you huge money down the road. (Stage 5)

  • One micron pre-filter array (1-3) of the five stages.

  • Filters and the membrane are installed for you the day the unit ships out.

  • Totally automatic shut off system includes float valve and ASOV.

  • ASOV: This valve is activated by water pressure and shuts water to system off, no need for electrical devices.

  • Float valve keeps your Rubbermaid storage tank full and activates the ASOV.

  • The Fast flush membrane saving feature comes installed.

  • The D.I. water Bypass system ball valve & check valve installed.

  • The R.O. only sample port that our customers love to use for filling jugs of R.O. drinking water comes installed.

  • This (0-150) psi gauge is actually big enough to read and is mounted in the frame.

  • All clear filter housings (300) lbs. burst tested.

  • Senno Technology dual probe in-line digital EC meter Dual reading dual probe.

  • PW TDS Alarm warns you when D.I. needs attention (red light).

  • Digital hand held TDS meter with auto-hold, auto-off super power saving for testing tap or potable water only 0-2999 PPM.

Big Steel one piece frame, not two frames cobbled together.

Automatic shut off is included with all of our machines. On the Extreme we are including the Float valve.

The Five full stages of water treatment Included and installed.

  • Poly Pro sediment 10 micron
  • Calgon Catalytic Carbon in a refillable media housing.
  • Gem Coconut carbon block acid washed one micron.
  • Yes! A real one micron pre-filtration array for truly long lived Chloramines removal and membrane protection.
  • The thin film composite 150 GPD membrane rated at 98% rejection of TDS.
  • The MIXED BED D.I. Chamber, full sized and filled with both cation and anion resins from Resin Tech.

The Typhoon III is at the very top of the Pure Water field, and this Extreme model is just that: EXTREME.

You get all of the features offered with the famous Typhoon III

Plus this incredible array of TDS monitoring devices:

  • The TDS alarm has a red light that flashes to remind you to do maintenance.
  • The hand held digital TDS meter is for testing your feed water quality and any other source of potable water.
  • The Dual probe dual reading digital in-line EC meter reads membrane and D.I. water TDS.
  • The frame mounted psi gauge (0-100).

With this combination of psi gauge and TDS equipment you will never be at a loss about how the system is functioning.

Do not forget all of our fittings are quick connect, not some of them; ALL of them- Just push in and you are done.

No Teflon tape, glue, pipe dope, or wrenches needed.

Of course you get our famous installation hardware package:

  • SV-6: The sturdy clamp type supply valve. Not the next to impossible bow tie looking thing. (Or ask for the garden hose adapter)
  • Drain saddle: Our easy to install drain that clamps over you sink drain piping. Easy!
  • 20 plus feet of top quality 1/4 inch tubing.
  • Filter wrench: For removing the filter sumps at filter change time.
  • Two in-line ball valves: One for making filter changes a snap. (Just install on the tap water supply tube.) The other is for manual shut off of the pure water, or as a spare for some other connection.
  • Your water pressure will determine the ultimate water production rate. Temperature also matters you need (77) degree water @ (65) psi to get the most from the membrane. The minimum operating pressure is (30) psi .

We build your unit in our warehouse using truckloads of component parts.

We are not DROP SHIPPERS. Of course our units offer more value at better prices than our competition. We build our units from the ground up, we do our own order processing, and our own shipping. The drop shippers simply do not stand a ghost of a chance of matching us. Being in business for over 26 years can't hurt either.

Installation Instructions

Thanks for the read! For an independent review of this product click here: TheReefTank

Please enter either a supply valve, hose connection or faucet adapter above for your water connection. You will otherwise receive a supply valve.

Price: $279.95

Water Connection:

Normally Ships Within 1-2 Days.

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