sterlize your water with Ultra violet . Purify your drinking water with U.V.

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Maxtec UV Systems apply a natural & effective way to destroy bacteria. Ultraviolet light is a natural component of sunlight. Specific wave lengths of UV have very high energy to destroy microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, cysts, etc.) In water. One of the most effective wavelengths for disinfection ability is 254 nm Maxtec UV lamps give the highest germicidal efficacy in the UVC range. The Benefits of Maxtec UV Water Sterilizers: Environmentally friendly processes for contaminant elimination Without forming harmful by-products and residue. Without impairing taste of water. Purified water disinfection for quality assurance. No risk from chemicals. Optimal integration, control and utilization of Maxtec technology & design. Cost-effective. Easy installation & maintenance.
Ultra Violet UV 108S Kit
Ultra Violet UV-108S Kit
UltraViolet Light Purification 12 GPM
UltraViolet Light Purification 12 GPM
UV Bulb 108
UV Bulb-108
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